our engagement

This picture was taken at Su Casa in La Jolla, San Diego. After Cory proposed, the Wells' family went out to celebrate at their favorite Mexican restaurant!

How did Cory propose? I thought you might ask...

On Labor Day weekend of 2008, the "boys" went deep sea fishing on the Provider.

The boys included Cory, Rodney (father of Christina), Dan (uncle of Christina), Chris (fiance of Christina's cousin Katie), and Hunter (boyfriend of Christina's cousin Lexi). The boys fished right out side of San Diego by Coronado Island. They caught several Tuna and Dorado during their trip! Also during this trip, Cory asked Rodney if he could marry Christina; and Chris asked Uncle Dan if he could marry Katie! Rodney told Terry right away, and then had to wait a whole month before sharing their secret with anyone.

Finally, on Friday, September 26th, Cory took Christina to Dukes at HB with the intention of proposing to her. However, the predicted "75 and clear" forecast was not correct, and it was a very chilly, foggy night. Instead of taking a romantic walk on the sunset beach, he took her to a movie.

So the next day, Cory planned to take Christina to La Jolla.
Since they both brought their suits, they decided to go down to the beach to hang out. Well, once again, it was a little chilly...

Christina had on her bleach-stained-Dodger shirt, an old pair of jeans, no make-up, and hair all pulled back (not a glamorous sight!); while Cory had on his boardshorts and a T-shirt.

After hanging out and talking for awhile,
Cory led into the big question as Christina began to cry. 

Christina sat in the sand, as Cory got one knee in front of her, and asked her to marry him!!

Afterward Cory asked Christina what she wanted to do first, and she said go to Starbucks and get a latte because she was freezing!! =)
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