sneaking under the tree

Today, we got our first Christmas present as a couple. Jim and Kathy (Cory's parents) got us the new MacBook.
"It's thinner, lighter, greener, and more powerful than ever," and its trackpad works the same as our iPhones.

Christina has been notorious for sneaking under the tree early. Ever since she was little, she has opened her Christmas presents before she was supposed to! For the last couple of years, Christina's mom has actually been double wrapping her presents with ribbons and knots, since she became so good at disguising her already unwrapped presents. =]

Both Christina's uncles from her dad's side worked for Apple for many years, and therefore the Couch family have always been Apple users. Here is a picture of the first Apple that Christina got for Christmas sometime in the early 90's that she used to aim her friends... haha, enjoy.

Thank you Jim and Kathy... WE LOVE OUR NEW MACBOOK. =)
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