house hunting

We have been looking for a house for quite sometime now. We have been viewing houses mainly in Murrieta, but a little bit in Riverside too. Walking in and out of countless bank-owned homes has been such a rollercoaster process. The "ewww's" and "Ahhh's" of houses are all over, and have been causing me to constantly think about the design of our future house. We would love to buy a stripped house, and re-do/diy all parts from flooring to cabinets and appliances. But then we walk into the "Ahhhh" houses that have already been carefully designed by the previous owner, and I feel overwhelmingly grateful they didn't tear out every single window and rail for us to replace.

I've been checking the style files, and design sponge like every day. They are both helpful and lovely, so check them out for your own home inspiration.

Since finding and buying a home is a big part of our life together, I decided I'll start documenting the process on here to share with all of you. This Wednesday we will be viewing a home in Riverside, not even 5 minutes from my parents home (should be fun!), so I'll be back to report how it goes...
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