"the courtyard"

This weekend, we finally got a front lawn! It makes me so happy. I can't wait to wake up and go to work, and walk by the grass instead of mud :) Thank you Steven, Miguel, and Daniel for helping Cory, and thank you Jim and Kathy for getting this show on the road! 



The first room we worked on after we moved in was the dining room. My paternal grandmother (Lou Lou) gave us a full dining room set she bought when she was in France, and had it shipped to the states. My dad bought us paint and painting supplies. Then he came over and helped us paint that weekend, and set up all the furniture. He suggested we do like CBU and convince people to "sponsor" different parts of the house, and then honor them by displaying their name. Since he did everything for the dining room, he said he wants a plaque that says "Rodney K. Couch Dining Room", hahaha. So, if we keep this tradition up, I think we'll have to make a yard sign that says "Jim and Kathy Wells Courtyard", haha.
 (just kidding)
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