in twentyten i will...

...not make a yearlong resolution. 

doing the same thing repetitively drives me absolutely crazy. so the thought of committing to eat healthier/work out more all year makes me want to do the exact opposite. after trying all month to think of any one thing i might want to do for longer than a couple of weeks, i decided to forget all that, and instead choose to do many things at least once this year. so (finally, on January 23rd) here is my list:: 

kiss my husband.

replicate this kitchen (okay fine, this one is a bit of high hoping).
make my own cakestands.
teach giada to not bark when it rains.
use my new le creuset dutch oven to make a yummy meal for my hubby.
make new headbands for my etsy shop.
leave the states, to go here or maybe here.

well, that's it- the only things i am willing to commit to do in the future at this point. if you have any other ideas, let me know :)
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