notes to bridgett

my dear bridgett,

i have so much to say to you, i don't know where to start. i can't wait to tell you all about me and your dads life before you were born. even more, i can't wait for you to be here with us. is it possible to miss you before we have even met? this weekend, i am in san diego visiting your aunt allison. i have been playing with your cousins, aven & easton, wishing you were here. they are 16 months already, and it seems like just yesterday i was at the hospital waiting to see them for the first time. your newest cousin will be born tomorrow. we don't know yet if "baby m" will be a boy or girl. it's crazy to think your papa jim and grandma kathy had no grandchildren two years ago, and by november you will be their fourth. i love to think about you playing with your cousins. i remember playing with mine when i was younger, and those memories are some of my favorite from my childhood. i remember me and my cousin lexi would dress up as twins whenever we went anywhere, and we would lie to everyone saying we were sisters (not like we needed anymore, we both had two of our own!) today i told aven that the three of us would go get sparkly pedicures together someday, and she smiled like she was as excited as me for the future with you. i feel you move around in my belly all the time. as much as i wish you were here in my arms, i think i will miss having you in my belly too. i love to feel you move around and watch my belly twitch as you twirl. your daddy loves it too. he always gets a big smile on his face when he feels you move just like the first time he felt it. yesterday, giada [she's our boxer, i'll tell you more about her later] was laying on the couch in front of me with her head on my belly. you kicked her right in the nose, so she sniffed my belly a few times before settling back down. i think she already loves you too. i plan to write to you from now on, so until next time..
i love you lil bridgett lou.

♥ your mom xo
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