notes to bridgett

my dear bridgett lou,

your new cousin was born on tuesday, cutter wells mangiafico. we all waited anxiously for the call to go to the hospital with your cousins, aven and easton. when we got the text, we [papa jim, grandma kathy, great grandma shirley, and your cousins] all piled in the car to go see him. he is so cute. holding him and seeing your aunt allison in the hospital bed made me so anxious for you to be here. on thursday this week, your great grandma lou lou and i went to the doctors to see how you are doing. lou lou had never seen an ultrasound like they do them today, and was so happy i invited her to come along and see you. we were able to do a static, 3D, and 4D ultrasound [your 29 weeks now]. you were holding the cord right across your face, but we still got some pretty good pictures. it looks like you have a little turned up nose just like your dad. nana thinks it looks just like hers. lou lou brought over a picture of her when she was a baby, and it actually looks like her too. i can't wait to see your pretty little face. doctor said everything is going great, and right on track. i have gained a little over 30lb already, but she said to go ahead and keep on gaining weight. so we are still planning on meeting you november 22nd. your dad went fishing this weekend with papa rod down to mexico, and daddy caught his first marlin. he was so excited. it was 9 ft, 150lb. while he was gone, nana and i sewed all weekend. i made you little christmas bloomers to wear in a couple months. you will look so cute with your ruffle bum at our annual christmas party. oh and our dog giada had her birthday on monday. she turned one, and i bought her a bunch of new toys. speaking of new toys, we got several packages today from your family back in ohio for you. they are sending you gifts because your baby shower is this coming saturday. i can't wait to show you the pictures from it. i plan to make you photo books of everything, so you'll always have memories of your childhood.

i love you little mamas.
your mom ♥
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