notes to bridgett

my little lou lou,
this past weekend, we had your baby shower. i can't wait to show you pictures. we had so much fun planning it, and even more fun when all of our friends and family came to celebrate you. the theme was "cirque du bebe", it was a very pink french circus. the tables had tall vases filled with pink water and white peacock feathers, pink elephants, carnival beads, pink tickets, and peanuts. we had oversized pink balloons, pink pom poms hanging from the patio, and a banner that said "bridgett lou". your dad even helped us hang up everything and make all the guests name tags (they were circus occupations, like horse dancer, ring master, pooper scooper, clown, etc. ) he thought it was a little overboard, and i told him to just wait until we start planning your birthdays :) don't worry, i'll make sure you love everyone of them. everything we ate at the shower went with the carnival theme too: soft pretzels, nachos, pigs in a blanket, pink donuts, popcorn, churros, and an outrageously pink candy buffet for the guest to take candy bags home with them. there was even a watermelon carved into a baby buggy with the letter "B" on it filled with all pink fruit: raspberries, strawberries, red grapes, and watermelon. everyone brought you the loveliest gifts. it took me nearly two hours to open all of them. many of my friends handmade you blankets, beanies, hats, shoes, and dolls. you got so many clothes, i don't know if you will even be able to wear all of them, but they are perfectly girly and pink. i will put together all the photos in a book for you with all the details for you to look at when you are older. i can't wait to show it all to you.
hugs & kisses
your mama
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