my christmas list

growing up, my favorite part of christmas was making my list.

i grew up with all sisters, and when we were little, my parents would set up our presents christmas eve after we went to bed. as we got older, they soon realized it was more fun for us girls to do our own shopping then it was for them. thus began the christmas tradition of making lists for ourselves. the day after christmas, mom & dad would take us to south coast plaza and we would get to pick out all our own presents. i am more fond of these memories, as i can actually remember waking up early, piling in the car, and running around like crazy women all over the plaza with my sisters. since nothing was opened on christmas day, and we didn't have as many presents to open, we were able to spend all day bonding with each other.

now that we are growing up, my mom has been complaining she doesn't know what to get us. even my 17-year-old sister doesn't have a list. (well it's short: french bull dog named francesca and an iphone). maybe it's because as we get older what we want changes. we start to want to do things that we enjoy... more than get things we like right now.

so mom, here is my christmas list this year:

1. wrapping your christmas presents.

2. hanging wreaths.

3. collecting christmas cards.

4. baking holiday treats.

5. and, laying on the couch enjoying cold days next to fireplaces.

what are you wishing for this christmas?

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