flowers & seagulls

Last (Valentine's) weekend, my husband and I went down to the coast to enjoy each others company and the warm weather. 
We started in La Jolla and headed on up the coast to Newport. 

first, he pulled off PCH and took me down an off beaten path 

on the way, we saw beautiful purple flowers

then we came to a wood fence that dared us to go further

but, why bother when the view from the fence is this?

then we continued up PCH to newport
and stopped at the Balboa Yacht Club

we hopped on my dads boat (with Giada)
took a relaxing ride through the bay
and pulled the boat up to the Cannery dock 
to have lunch with my parents, yumm!

Giada spent her weekend barking at all the seagulls 
and taking naps on the back of the boat :)

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