two little love birds

I always leave my back door open for Giada to run in and out to play. Well, this morning proved it to be not such a good idea. A humming bird (I assume?) flew right in through the door and into my kitchen. It fluttered around a bit with it's mate on the opposite side of window hoping to get out and reunite. Finally, she settled down and perched on my window sill behind my mini kitchen herb garden. I put on my oven mitts, and gently held her until we got outside (where Giada was open to get a fresh meal)
 to let her fly away with her little bird lover! 

Can you see her at the bottom in front of my giraffe measuring spoons?
I took this picture from the outside of my window!

Speaking of my mini herb garden... What is the deal with this?
I got cilantro growing every day, no basil, and two little buds of oregano. Does cilantro typically grow this much faster? Does anyone know?
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