change of heart

today my mother in law took me to le baby. i had already [as you know] picked out the penelope bird bedding from pottery barn, but we thought we would just go look at their custom design options in case something caught my eye. a couple hours later, we picked out these fabrics for bridgett's room! i've been talking constantly about pink and gray for her room, so i'm so glad we found something that works.

her sheets will be the pink leaves [fabric on far left]. her bumper will be the pink dandelion fabric with the grey/white stripe [the grey looks darker in this picture than it really is] as a trim for the bows. her bed skirt will be the grey/white stripe fabric. her blanket will be one side pink dandelion, and the other side the pink furry rose fabric [fabric on the far right] with the grey/white stripe trim.

i can't wait to see how it comes out.
 hopefully it will be done in time for the shower so my mother in law can bring it to show everyone!
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