thrifty shopper

it's really hard to not let your obsession with shopping get out of a control when you have a baby girl growing in your stomach. especially since it will all only fit her for maximum three months, realistically a week. :) everything i once loved for me, now comes itty bitty for baby girl. to try to restrain myself somewhat, i have put limitations to how often i visit baby stores & boutiques. however, i do let myself surf craigslist, track down baby garage sales, and hunt consignment shops as often as i want.

guess how much i paid for this cute true religion skirt & these lovely pink 
and green ralph lauren slip ons? 
answer is at bottom of post.
once you start finding great [cheap] things, it makes it easier to avoid the big department stores. i found one lovely lady on craigslist who sold me paul frank, nordstrom baby, janie & jack, and ralph lauren outfits for a dollar each. what the hell is wrong with her? i guess one persons trash is another's treasure, right?! 

shoes: four dollars
skirt: twelve dollars
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