hello, i'm pink.

opinions please!
we have already picked out baby girls crib bedding set, but i am clueless as to what color to paint the nursery. all her furniture will be white, and a ton of stuff we ordered in pink (little baby chairs, step stools, etc.) i've never been a fan of walls that say, "hello, i'm pink." for example, the room in the picture with her bedding below. 

i've thought about maybe doing a muted color- like grey? with pink vertical thick stripes on the wall the crib is on... i don't know. maybe bottom half of walls grey? top half light light green?  the set has pink, green, yellow and white. so please tell me- what do you think?

Click here to see the whole Penelope Set from Pottery Barn Kids.

too bad i couldn't do magic. i could just snap my fingers & have this fairytale appear for baby girl.

Click here to see how to actually build it! ugh, so amazing.

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