bored with mobiles

bridgett gets bored of her mobiles so fast [or maybe it's me?] so i started snooping around my google reader for diy ideas to keep my lil' mamas entertained.
we started with just pink & gray poms above her crib.
then i added this mobile from tiny love + teething rings to it [see the black & white one hanging]. lately i've been propping up my ipad in there to play wonder pets- which she loves & talks back to.

here are my favorites from the roundup, which do you like best? maybe i'll do them all & switch them out every week...
 diy project via prints charming
 for all your extra ribbon a diy project via hudson & co 
diy project: blow up different size balloons, wrap yarn around it, soak in glue, let dry, & pop the balloon! photo via spearmint baby
made by screamy mimi on etsy
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