bridgett lou, 3 months.

my dear bridgett, you are already 3 months & i can't believe it. 
 well, actually you were 3 months a couple weeks ago, but mama has been a little busy. 
you weigh 11 lb 4 oz, and are 22" long. 
you love taking bubble baths with mama in our big tub, and sometimes i think we sit in there too long!
you smile at strangers & talk the most to your grandparents, cooing & everything. it makes me jealous, because you have these long stories to tell them, and then all you want to do is eat when i have you :)
you are doing so well, going to bed at 8:30pm, waking up around 4:30am, and sleeping until 9:30am. you rarely take long naps during the day, just little 15 minute ones when you get cranky.
you are sleeping part of the night in your packnplay by our bed, and the early parts of the morning in mamas arms or your swing after your feeding we are trying to eliminate.
this is what you look like in the morning when you are pooping, haha,  you are still so cute.
you can sit up in your bumbo now, and you love your new jumperoo.
your hair is falling out where you sleep on it, and the bottom is growing in very thick & dark. although the top looks a little bit ginger.
and, here you are crying with your cousin cutter, he's only 2.5 months older than you. 
your mama & daddy love you so very much, and we're so proud to be your parents. 

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