rain, rain, go away.

i'm a huge fan of cloudy skies. dark, gloomy clouds- super high up with light blue sky peeking through? that is a really beautiful day to me. but, straight up rain? not so much. after a few weeks of mid 70 to low 80s weather here in southern california, i was really starting to get used to wearing my flip flops. it's been raining a total of one day & i'm so over it. so here's to wishing i were bathing in the sun right now & a few good memories of when i was...
 hubby + me in jamaica
 hubby looking up at me from the deck of the boat
bridgett + me in the hot tub last week
 (i ♥ how chubby she looks, because she sooo isn't, poor kid)
 my favorite girlfriends + me at the MGM
our little family in newport
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